The storage of the trophy
After catching the fish is first killed with a stroke on the head. Then, near the water, we clean all the dirt (sand, grass, leaves), put it on a cardboard and place it in a car boot. We do not wrap up the fish, or cover it (especialy not with a plastic bag!), we do not put paper under the flings - it may leave white smears on the body. At home we put it in a deep freeze (as it is - without the wraping!).

If we are far away from home and we can not immediately deliver it, we must cut off the complete gill from the cleaned fish with a knife or scizors and wash it. Than we go to the nearest butcher or an inn and ask them to put it in a deep freeze. For transporting the frozen fish we wrap it in paper or put it in a styropor box with a lot of ice. A frozen fish wraped in paper can be left in a car all day even during summer without getting spoiled. We do not clean the entrails because of the extra work (sewing of the belly, puttying and colouring).

Keeping of the preparation
Proper keeping of the preparation:
- keep away from direct sunshine
- the humidity must not be higher than ca 85%
- the room temperature must not exceed ca 300C
- the preparation must be regulary dusted with a moist sponge cloth

Guarantee is not valid if this conditions are not followed.